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About us

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Solutions for all your open house and future home needs

We are a family owned and operated business located in Coquitlam, BC. We started this company to offer services within the real estate society for all the people who once were like us. There was a time when we were unable to take care of cleaning, decluttering, storing, moving, staging and renovating our home. We at Open House Prep know how it feels to be in need and want and not have someone to help. Once we put that part of our life behind us, we realized that maybe just maybe there were more people in our past situation. So, we decided to open a business not only to help those who can't but those who are too busy to do what it takes to move a family from one home to another or perhaps your future home as well. We taped into a niche to take care of not only moving in or out of your home, but to help inside your home as well, let us sit down with you to go over how we better can assist you.

The Red Seal Program

The Red Seal Program is recognized as the interprovincial standard of excellence in the skilled trades.The program was established more than 50 years ago to provide greater mobility across Canada for skilled workers.

Through the program, tradespersons are able to obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their provincial/territorial certificates by successfully completing an interprovincial Red Seal examination. The Red Seal Program acknowledges their competence and ensures recognition of their certification throughout Canada without further examination.

Referral Program

At Open House Prep we feel the best references are from you our customers, which is why we feel you should be rewarded for recommending our business to your friends and family. We have put together a referral package that would say thank you for our business and thank you for the referral.

How does it work?

Here is how it works, for every friend or family that you recommend that signs up with us we will give you up to $200 plus gifts. Our referral program has the incentive for cash back from the referral and a percentage off any future projects that you may have on your home.

All our top quality services

We are here to not only look after your existing home but your future home, investment properties and more.

One Stop Shop, decluttering, cleaning, staging, storage etc., let us take care of the things you don't have time to take care of.

As our motto say's Satisfaction Guaranteed, with our warm, friendly, insured and bonded staff, to take the worries out of cleaning, packing and storing your valuables.

Not only do we provide our staff for the weeks prior to your Open House. We provide our staff on the day of your Open House.

To assist those in need who are incapable of cleaning or moving as well as gardening/landscaping, in addition to the people who just don't have time.

When you walk through the door at our Open House you will smell the wafting of chocolate chip cookies, let it take you back to a fond memory.