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Top quality appraisal service

We offer a team of highly trained and self-regulated property appraisers, our members adhere to a high Code of Ethics and Standards. Our team belongs to the Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA) and the Accredited Appraiser of the Canadian Institute, Professional Appraiser (AACI, P.App), along with their credentials each appraiser must have a secondary signature on each report signed by a designated review.

Residential Market Evaluation

We at Open House Prep are able to provide a team of experts that are qualified to offer a niche through their appraising and consulting that is significantly new to the residential market.

  • * Court Ordered Sale
  • * Foreclosure
  • * Estate and Probate Real Estate Valuation
  • * Listing Valuations
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Hypothetical Conditions

In regards to the requirements to identify any hypothetical conditions or any assumptions we would be more than happy to sit down with you in person to explain this in further detail.

Front of House

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Residential Appraisal Standards

Our members abide by the following Appraisal and Ethical Standards; Appraisal Standard, Review Standard and the Consulting Standard. Along with adhering to the above named standards there is also 27 items that our members must abide by which entails the minimum amount of content within the rules of the Standard Appraisal to provide our clients with a credible report, they are as follows:

  • * identify the client and other intended users, by name;
  • * identify the intended use of the appraiser's opinions and conclusions;
  • * identify the purpose of the assignment, including a relevant definition of value;
  • * identify the scope of work necessary to complete the assignment;
  • * identify whether the appraisal is current, retrospective, prospective, or an update;
  • * provide an analysis of reasonable exposure time linked to a market value opinion;
  • * identify the effective date of the appraiser's opinions and conclusions;
  • * identify the date of the report;
  • * identify the location and characteristics of the property and the interest appraised;
  • * identify all assumptions and limiting conditions;
  • * identify any hypothetical conditions (including proposed improvements);
  • * identify land use controls;
  • * state the existing use and the use reflected in the appraisal;
  • * define and resolve the highest and best use;
  • * describe and analyze all data relevant to the assignment;
  • * describe and apply the appraisal procedures relevant to the assignment;
  • * support the reason for the exclusion of any of the usual valuation procedures;
  • * detail the reasoning supporting the analyses, opinions and conclusions of each valuation approach;
  • * when developing an opinion of the value of a leased fee or a leasehold estate, analyze the effect on value, if any, of the terms and conditions of the lease(s);
  • * analyze the effect on value of an assemblage;
  • * analyze the effect on value of anticipated public or private improvements;
  • * analyze the effect on value of any personal property;
  • * analyze any Agreement for Sale, option, or listing of the property;
  • * analyze any prior sales of the property;
  • * review and reconcile the data, analyses and conclusions of each valuation approach into a final value estimate;
  • * report the final value estimate;
  • * Includes a signed certification of value.
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