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Top quality backyard staging services

Here is an area in a home that gets missed and sometimes overlooked. The staging of the backyard enhances the sale of your home let our experienced staff stage the outside of your home while we stage the inside too.

Backyard is the extension of the inside

Have you ever noticed when you are out looking for a new home to buy, the inside of the house is pristine but the outside of the house has been left behind. The yard is a sight for sore eyes. There is old warn out furniture in the yard, needing to be replaced from years gone by. Boxes and old lawn mower stuffed in a corner or the vegetable garden from last year is waiting to be finished, just forgotten with old flower pots and hoses stuffed in the corner as well.

Not a pretty picture to be sure, but more often than not, people forget how important it is to have every area of your home clean and pristine, which includes the forgotten backyard. We at Open House Prep offer a service called Backyard Staging, we not only take care of the staging of the inside of your home, we also take care of staging the outside of your home, to make it all flow, to give your home the extra Awe feature, for potential buyers to envision sitting in a new backyard enjoying the moments with friends and family.

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