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Top quality cleaning services

Whether you are renting or selling, there always seems to be no time to clean, just moving in or moving out, what to do?? Let us take the worries of what to do away for you. Our professional staff really cares about our quality of service and takes pride in what we do.

Our Qualified Staff

At Open House Prep we take pride in a job well done. We know how important it is to our customers to present a clean home when selling and moving from one place to another. That said we also realize how important it is for our customers to move in to a spotlessly clean home. No one wants to move in to someone else's dirt, left behind. That is where we come in; we take care of the stress of cleaning so you do not have to.

Our qualified staff, trained to include the smallest details, from scrubbing floors to a perfect shine, to washing walls and baseboards. Our proficient staff will have touched every area in your home before and after you move. How do we do this, what does this entail, let us give you a free quote.

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Available Services

We have prepared for you a short list to provide you a glimpse of some of the services we make available, along with a list of what to prepare for your open house. With our exceptional staff we can make the difference for a quick sale.

  • * Professional cleaning staff (please note we provide enough worker's to get the job done quickly and efficiently)
  • * Cleaning products and equipment
  • * Whether you are moving in or out of your home you receive the same quality of service that we put our name behind
  • * All cleaning products are environmentally friendly
  • * All our products not only clean but sanitize and disinfect your home
  • * Vacuuming and cleaning carpets
  • * Vacuuming and washing floors
  • * Vacuum, dust & remove cobwebs
  • * Washing all light fixtures and light switches
  • * Washing all baseboards and walls
  • * Windows, sills, tracks, screens & blinds
  • * Spot clean walls
  • * All household appliances (inside & out)
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Helpful Tips

Helpful tips to prepare for your Open House:

  • * Clean all curtains, drapes and blinds
  • * Clean around the front door, add new accessories if needed
  • * Clean entry way and hallway of your home
  • * All household appliances should be clean
  • * Clean all kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • * Clean windows & sills
  • * Make sure doors do not squeak
  • * Empty all trash & recycling
  • * Sanitize and deodorize house, free from odors
  • * Rent storage compartment to declutter(no storage unit on property)
  • * Exterminate from any insects
  • * Tidy all closets and cupboards
  • * Keep entertainment units and shelves organized from clutter
  • * Hang new shower curtain and replace toilet seats
  • * All stairs and hallways free of clutter
  • * Polish all surfaces, sinks and mirrors
  • * Damp mop hardwood floors
  • * Remove appliances from counter tops (this will give a spacious look to the kitchen)
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Carpets & Upholstery

At Open House Prep we provide professional carpet and floor cleaners to deliver that just polished look. Our professionals are trained to deodorize, pre-spot and clean the carpets, as well our team provides an upholstery cleaning package which we would be delighted to give you a quote, just ask one of our team members and they will set up an appointment for us to meet with you at your earliest convenience

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In this day and age, there are several different styles and types of floors, our team is qualified for any flooring that you may have. Our team of experts are able to remove the dirt and grime off any tiles, slate and hardwood flooring as if you spent the day on your hands and knees to get that perfect shine. As well, our team is trained to apply a protective sealant to guard your floorings from long-lasting protection from household stains.

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Helpful Flooring Tips

  • * Deodorize carpets 2 days before open house
  • * Replace any carpets that are worn out or stained
  • * If carpets are to be replace, use neutral colors
  • * Pre-spot and steam clean carpets a week before open house, to refresh your carpets
  • * If carpets are loose, tack down and stretched
  • * Vacuum carpets day of open house
  • * Vacuum and replace worn out vent covers
  • * Replace all worn linoleum flooring, using neutral colors
  • * Vacuum linoleum and hardwood floors
  • * Wash kitchen, hallways and bathroom floors day of open house
  • * If your home has hardwood floors, anchor any floor rugs
  • * Reapply a polish to the floors week of the open house
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