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Top quality external renovation services

Let us take the stress out of renovating your home, we have the time, people and tools to get the job done so you don't have to!

Home Buyer May Overlook

When purchasing a home, the buyer sometimes gets so enthralled with how exotic and gorgeous the inside of a kitchen or bathroom can be they forget to look at the small stuff. That's where we can help you. We at Open House Prep have a team put together who are able to help you go through every area of the home you are about to purchase, starting from the inside all the way to the outside. There are certain areas when looking for the perfect home that the average home buyer may overlook. Such as: what pane of window is in the home, when have they been replaced, how's the weather stripping around the exterior doors/sliding glass doors leading to the deck. It's all well and fine when it's the spring and summer and you don't feel the cold winds coming through the cracks, under the seal of the doors and around the window sills. However, over time it's the normal wear and tear of the house that starts to show its age. We all forget to take into consideration the normal wear and tear while looking at the newly renovated kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom or newly designed rec room/media room. Yes, we all want the interior to be outstanding, but it's also important to take the time to look at the parts of the home that keeps you warm and saves you money on your hydro, heat and gas during the cold winter nights.


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Power Washing and Painting

Back in the day before vinyl siding came along we all relied on stucco siding and wood paneling. Although as time has gone by we still use stucco today with different styles and colors however, more often than not home buyers lean towards vinyl siding. We have put together two teams of experts that are equipped to quickly and efficiently power wash your home to preserve it from the elements of the winter and the sun, along with a team of professional painters who are equally as proficient and competent to get the work done in a quick and efficient manner.

Power Washing

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Masonry Work

For the decorative eye, stonework enhances the quality and elegance of your home. In today's market place most homes in the lower mainland are leaning towards the elegancy and high class that stonework brings to the home. We provide an assortment of simulated and genuine stone, with an expert team to enhance your home

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Decks/Outdoor Pleasure

There are several different aspects of having a backyard tailored to your wants, not necessarily what you need. Let us help you indulge a little, allow your imagination runaway with you and let us help you design a perfect oasis that is the talk of the town. Careful though your friends may not want to go home, as we turn your backyard to your own little sanctuary, which makes you feel as if you went away. We at Open House Prep can change your deck to your specific details. Alowing you to enjoy a fireplace on your deck in the winter months along with a summertime barbeque.

Backyard Deck

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A few extra's that we provide:

  • * Outside decks
  • * Pool decks
  • * Barbeques
  • * Rock walls
  • * Hot tubs
  • * Waterfalls
  • * Fire pits
  • * Gazebos
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