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Bringing your house up to speed in whatever you may need!

When it comes to owning a house it can become a costly endeavor, especially when a home owner is not a handyman/woman type person. What happens then, it's like going to a mechanic for a quote, or a dentist or a doctor even. Hoping that these people in their different career choices are honest when they are giving you an estimate on a car, cost to fill some teeth (without dental coverage) and when a doctor is about to tell you about your health.

Now we know that owning a home is a far cry from any of these suggestions, however, the concept remains the same. If you have a leaky roof, mold problem, or laying a new carpet or flooring. The last thing a home owner wants is for the cost to break the bank. We at Open House Prep realize that everyone has a budget, big or small, we all have an idea when we say stop. We work within your parameters not ours, we sit down and work out the budget that keeps our customer's coming back. When we sit with you to discuss your home care needs, we take your area of the market in to consideration to make sure that your budget gets the maximum return on investment.

We realize that a house needs up keep to save you money in the long run, we can put together a package that will suit your needs all you have to do is ask. We aim to please, let us help you transform your house in to your home.

Referral Program

At Open House Prep we feel the best references are from you our customers, which is why we feel you should be rewarded for recommending our business to your friends and family. We have put together a referral package that would say thank you for our business and thank you for the referral.

How does it work?

Here is how it works, for every friend or family that you recommend that signs up with us we will give you up to $200 plus gifts. Our referral program has the incentive for cash back from the referral and a percentage off any future projects that you may have on your home.

All our top quality services for every home owner

An appraisal on the home is done to make the home owner aware of the equity within their home, along with presenting a hypothetical perspective to show the value of your home in the real estate market today.

The inspection of a home is to let the home owner know if there is any underlying problems that your home may have.

From power washing your siding or gutters or adding a backyard deck.

Whether it be small touch-ups, repairs, or a full scale kitchen renovation. Ask us about our handyman package.

From kitchen cupboards, pantry and closets to the garage, with rubbish removal to storage we do it all.

Let us be your one stop shop. In our busy world today who has time to clean, let us do that for you, let our staff clean and tidy, weekly, monthly, or on the open house day.

Staging your home to be a show home, we make every home a show home.

Let us offer a curb appeal that excites you. With the finest of shrubs and plants cascading down your driveway with a manicured lawn and the smell of fresh flowers in bloom. We offer an ongoing maintenance package to maximize your investment while maintaining your lawn and garden.

With a well-manicured lawn and fresh shrubs, let us convert your yard to your own personal oasis. With a newly renovated deck and external lighting to set the mood to entertain family and friends.