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Top quality interior renovation services

Offering the transformation of your house to a home with our team of interior designers, staging consultants and renovation specialists.

Kitchen Renovations

At Open House Prep we take the time to ensure our quality workmanship with a timely service. Our Proficient team of professionals are put together to make sure all areas of renovating are taken care of with as little inconvenience as possible to you and your family. We realize the inconvenience that working on your kitchen can be, especially with the busy lifestyle we live in today. When you sit down with our team we will work through a game plan that not only fits your budget but fits your lifestyle, with a growing family in mind. We all know the general area that brings family and friends together whether it’s for a party or the family sitting down for a bite to eat is the kitchen. That is why our goal is to minimize the interruptions that come along with any renovation, to have it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let us take care of the concerns of renovating so you don’t have to.


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Bathroom Renovations

The beautiful thing about renovating different areas of your home, you not only bring up the value of your home, you enhance your home with your own specific taste. Whether your home is brand new or has some years on it, there are specific areas in our homes that we can call ours, such as the kitchen, basement and the bathrooms. The great thing about renovating the bathrooms in your home, you keep up with the trends in the market place along with keeping up with the regular wear and tear of years of family and friends stopping by.

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Basement Renovations

In the past basements were undeveloped, they were used for storage, collecting dust. What a waste of valuable space. Still today there are a select group of homes that have unfinished basements. That's where we come in, we not only renovate basements we make your basement an added investment to your home. With our services we can turn your basement in to an in-law suite, a place for your elderly loved ones to live, or a legal basement suit that you can turn in to income for your home. However, if you wish just to develop the space, you have other options to choose from, such as a theatre room, game room or even an exercise room, which your entire family can enjoy.

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