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The general person looking to buy a home doesn't realize what it all takes to put an Open House on each weekend. Especially when it comes to the upkeep of a home prior to the showing all the different areas that need either to be done or maintained depending on how long the house is on the market.

We at Open House Prep understand the details and time it takes to put an Open House together. Most people are unaware that they need to declutter their home, organize closets, putting unmatched pieces of furniture in storage, the staging of a home is a vital aspect of helping sell the home. Things such as the fireplace on, candles lit, specific art work strategically placed around the home right down to fresh towels in all the bathrooms, fresh flowers in the kitchen with an aroma of fresh baked cookies a few hours prior to the showing of the home. This puts an ambience through the home that helps take the house off the market sooner than later.

Let us not forget the preparation of the outside of the house, the curb appeal that draws prospective buyers to come and take a look inside. Maintaining the lawn, shrubs and flowers weekly, taking care of the removal of any rubbish that may be laying around along with power washing and cleaning the windows if need be, along with staging the patio to flow effortlessly from the inside of the house to the gorgeous setting of the oasis in the backyard waiting to be enjoyed after a hard day's work.

We at Open House Prep take the time to anticipate all needs and wants in a home for the buyer and the seller. We also make sure that the house is maintained weekly with a professional cleaning and gardening staff so the house will offer that curb appeal every day of the week not just on the Open House Day. However, that being said we also anticipate that the home will be untidy with a family living in their home so we offer a freshening up of the home 2 hours prior to the showing of the home. We have a quality control inspector to give the house a once over along with baking the cookies for the guests to enjoy while viewing the home.

Last but not least, we realize that some homes may need a little more work done, such as new carpets or painting, perhaps new cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, just to name a few. We have a qualified team ready to fix and repair, landscape and clean, inspect and appraise anything that may need to be done in the home prior to the Open House Day. Let us make your day a little bit easier.

Referral Program

At Open House Prep we feel the best references are from you our customers, which is why we feel you should be rewarded for recommending our business to your friends and family. We have put together a referral package that would say thank you for our business and thank you for the referral.

How does it work?

Here is how it works, for every friend or family that you recommend that signs up with us we will give you up to $200 plus gifts. Our referral program has the incentive for cash back from the referral and a percentage off any future projects that you may have on your home.

All our top quality services for real estate agents

Get the right advice, with our certified appraisal team.

We are here to marginalize your clients risk with the unforeseen problems by having a house inspection prior to listing the home.

Keeping your clients valuables protected, along with inventory control and packaging supplies.

With our satisfaction guaranteed, our goal is to make your Open House a success!

We all know the house that could really use some help, closets, cupboards and garage is bursting at the seams, let us simplify and remove.

One Stop Shop! We get the job done so you don't have to. We do windows too!

Adding the romance, elegance and ambience in the home.

Manicured lawns and shrubs gives a home the curb appeal that enhances any home on the Open House Day.

Not just a yard anymore, with our qualified stager we can turn the yard to a personal oasis guaranteed to take your breath away.