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Top quality storage services

Moving is not an easy task, sorting through all our belongings, not sure what to save or throw away, our staff is here to assist you while you make the decisions of what to keep. We have the storage units to meet all your household needs.

Storing Your Valuables

You know when you first buy a home you go through the growing pains of life with your family. We all want to buy a house to make it our home, but somehow along life's way we outgrow it. It was the perfect size for us back in the day, but our family has grown. Family and friends come and go as we collect memorabilia, nick knacks and things along the way. We outgrow our home, so we need to upsize our home. Eventually there comes a time when everyone is grown and we are now in a position to downsize our home. We don't want to let go of all those memories with all the things we have collected over time. What are we to do?


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Storage Paraphernalia

That's where Open House Prep can help you. We have every kind of storage paraphernalia that you may need.

Things we provide:

  • * Bubble wrap
  • * Packing tape
  • * Tape guns
  • * Wardrobe boxes
  • * Storage Units
  • * People to pack it for you

Our qualified staff can help you, we not only have the boxes to store your valuables in, we have the time and staff to store it for you. Our professional bonded staff can pack your precious nick knacks carefully and put the boxes in the unit to be taken off your property, waiting for you to give us a call. We then move the unit to your new home to unpack with loving care.


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